Clinical content build

Create clinical content from scratch or transform your paper-based content to an electronic format. We specialize in the following areas:

· Order sets: The best way to drive standardized and evidence-based practice of medicine is order sets. Pre-packaged group of orders that apply to a diagnosis or procedure can help physicians reduce the time needed for computerized physician order entry CPOE. Apart from reducing the time for order entry, order sets also help to reduce transcription errors, and electronically transfer the orders to the ancillary systems like LIS, RIS and others.

· Order forms: The order forms are templatized to make sure that all the workflow that the order follows is taken care of at the back end such as the other orders in the system that it needs to interface with, the internal and external codes for the others such as LOINC, SNOMED or custom codes. 

· Clinical documentation: Good clinical documentation is the key to having complete and accurate data capture. This also ensures that key elements are captured thereby ensuring correct coding and complete payments. We can help design your clinical documentation forms so that there is minimum transcription needed and the physician can complete the essential documentation by clicking on a few check boxes and radio buttons which will also capture the clinical quality measures at the back end.

· Flowsheets: Nursing documentation can be made so much easier if the workflows of the nurse are kept in mind, we help you to configure your vitals chart easily and create visualizations that are intuitive and useful to store for future analytics.

Be it content for your patient education, clinical content such as order sets in your EMR or prep work for your upcoming presentation or research submission, do let us know your area of interest and our experts will find the most relevant material and put it together in a presentable format

Interoperability and Integration


Strong domain consultancy with a good understanding of HL7 2.x, FHIR, CDA and 3.0. Our consultants will help in the full cycle of the design process starting with requirement analysis, prototyping and appropriate choice of interface engine, proof of concept, design, implementation and testing.

Implementation Services


The healthcare industry, both clinical and technology has been rapidly evolving over the years, with digital transformation and EMR adoption having risen from just under 10% in 2008 to 96% in 2015. The push to create a usable EMR system using the existing technology and make it convenient to include all the existing workflows needs a mix of skills, both technology and domain. 

Our consultants with strong domain expertise and a flair for technology can help you to implement:

· Well researched clinical content and workflows within your EMR

· Application Testing, both manual and automated using tools like Selenium, Eggplant or any other as needed

· EMR Configurations: Help to combine clinical knowledge and technology expertise to configure clinical content in Allscripts Sunrise suite of products

· Product Testing: Automated testing tools using Selenium, Eggplant testplant and others

· Meaningful Use and Clinical Quality Measures: We will assess your practice and recommend the correct measures based on your specialty to derive maximum incentive from the reported measures following a Gap analysis for Clinical Quality Measures, MIPS MACRA, HEDIS, MU or any other custom measures to optimize the “EHR”

· EMR Extraction and Archiving: In recent years, a lot of clients have been changing their EMRs to meet the rising demands of their workflows or other reasons such as product dissatisfaction etc. 

Clinical Informatics


A key aspect of clinical information is having standardized coding concepts to all the data that clinicians use daily. With terminology in the EMR mapped to industry standards, interoperability and integration across all the clinical, financial and administrative applications become possible.

· SNOMED CT coding

· LOINC coding

· Gene ontology mappings

· ICD-10 coding

Data Analytics and BI


With the vast amounts of data available, the need for healthcare data analytics and business intelligence has never been greater. Using open source tools like R and Python, we can make your data work for you in the areas of:

· Predictive analytics

· Data visualization 

· Data management 

Some typical use cases in the inpatient and outpatient setting:

a. Can I predict how many appointment no-shows will occur daily so that I can schedule my calendar/appointments accordingly?

b. Of all my patients admitted for chronic renal failure, which of them are likely to deteriorate faster based on the analysis of their lifestyle, medications, age, gender, lab and diagnostic results and other parameters?

c. On a given day, will it be possible to predict physician and patient utilization patterns and hence the revenue that can be generated?



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1.  What are the benefits of choosing MedTech Consultancy?

Medtech Consultancy is a team of healthcare domain experts who have more than 12 years of experience in consulting for healthcare applications including EMRs, mobile health applications, interoperability and integration of healthcare applications. Being domain experts, we understand the exact workflows and requirements of the clients and engage technical expertise on contract on a project basis. 

2.  What are the services offered?

Our major services are in the areas of EMR configurations, Interoperability, clinical coding (like LOINC, SNOMED, ICD-10, CPT, Gene Ontology), clinical data analytics and overall consulting in the healthcare information technology space.

3.  What is the pricing like?

Be assured that every client would get the best and most competitive pricing for talented individuals. Please reach out with your exact requirements and we will create an estimated project plan including the pricing and get back to you at the earliest.

4.  How will you guarantee client satisfaction?

Our sales person will not make tall promises and leave you in the lurch during project closure. The healthcare technical and domain architect will be aligned with key client stakeholders throughout the duration of the project.